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Tianjin Yishan company's dance marketing leader seeks further development

Tianjin Yishan company's dance marketing leader seeks further development

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on August 27, when the new team of Tianjin Yishan company took office, Although the organizers worked with Reed Exhibitions UK, the largest exhibition organizer in the world, and turned to the power supply, they first held a marketing meeting to determine the leading position of sales in the company. Chen Chunsheng, Secretary of the Party committee of heavy industry and chairman of Yishan company, and the newly adjusted team members attended the meeting

the meeting first summarized the previous marketing work, and put forward the problems existing in the marketing work, as well as the quality, procurement, technology, duration guarantee and other issues related to marketing. The meeting put forward many good suggestions on how to better enhance the market awareness, awareness and innovation awareness of all employees

general manager duanyulin attaches great importance to the problems raised by everyone, requires relevant departments to rectify one by one, cooperate with the sales work, and requires deputy general manager Yu Hengbin to deeply communicate with the leaders of the sales company and integrate into the work of the marketing company as soon as possible

chairman Chen Chunsheng pointed out: in the critical period of transformation and upgrading, there are a lot of things to do. At this time, we should establish the central position of marketing work and the working concept of big market. For production and operation problems that conflict with sales work, we should make way for marketing work

Chen Chunsheng stressed that the current focus of work is on marketing, and we should pay attention to the reform of the marketing system. In the future, the Party committee will do a good job in publicity

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