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Tianqi Futures: lack of directional guidance, Shanghai Rubber weak adjustment

TOCOM rubber futures closed on Thursday, and the market will resume trading on January 4 (Friday)

Fundamentals: the spot price of Thailand's No. 3 smokeless film uss3 soared on Thursday, driven by the strong rise of crude oil futures. A trader said that the rubber price was also driven by the reduction in supply, as farmers stopped supply when TOCOM was closed. Spot trading volume is scarce, because buyers are waiting for the price to fall, but it is expected that the transaction will resume next week. At that time, European and American buyers will return to the market after the New Year holiday, and TOCOM will reopen. In the Heai central rubber market, uss3 was quoted at 79.58 baht per kilogram, and late Wednesday morning it was quoted at 70.90 baht per kilogram

after opening slightly higher today, the Shanghai rubber market showed a narrow shock trend. The slight rise in the domestic metal market and the strength of the crude oil market provided support for Shanghai rubber, but buying is still scarce. Ru0803, the main contract of Shanghai Jiao, opened at 23220. Although crude oil rose sharply, it did not significantly drive the Tianjiao market. Insufficient buying after the festival made the transaction bleak. Investors' continued long-term wait-and-see attitude will inevitably lead to derailment. The graphene film and other peripheral commodities now made by Japan Jiao will further trend. Shanghai Jiao lacked more news stimulation today, and the disk remained in a narrow range for most of the time, ending at 23240, Compared with the closing of the previous day, it rose 95 points, with 85028 transactions, 296 position increases and 64532 positions

after the holiday, the Tianjiao market continued to shrink and wait-and-see, and the light trading made the market lack the cooperation of capital. Driven by the strong trend of the surrounding markets, the market had little room for correction in the short term. After being blocked in the upper pressure area before the holiday, both long and short sides maintained a cautious wait-and-see attitude. If they did not point to zero, they should adjust the position of the pointer; Tomorrow, RI Jiao will resume trading, and the market will have relatively large requirements for short-term adjustment. Shanghai Jiao will also be ready to go, waiting for the further clarity of RI Jiao and the surrounding commodity markets. In the short term, we will still focus on the 23800 pressure zone. In terms of operation, short and long operations, stop loss 2 and 3000 at the same time

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