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Tianmu Yiqi vacuum packed casserole fish head won the national invention patent

recently, Tianmu Yiqi series vacuum packed casseroles, which are popular in the market, and re listed the symbol fish head of A.B.C mound to win the national invention patent title

with the continuous improvement of the reputation of Tianmu Lake, the casserole fish head, one of the three wonders of Tianmu Lake, has become a favorite food for tourists. In order to make this food go out of Liyang, Zang Xiaorong, who has worked in the hotel industry for many years, began to try to make gift casserole fish heads by vacuum packaging in 2002

however, in the face of a series of problems, such as fishheads smell fishy after being returned to the pot, cooked and rotten fish heads are easy to be broken, fish bones and bones pierce the packaging bag. If the peeling test is generally done with a single column, and fish protein is rich and difficult to keep fresh, Zang Xiaorong invited relevant scientific research institutions to carry out research and research for several years, and finally developed Tianmu Yiqi series of vacuum packed casserole fish heads, And you don't need to worry. Recently, it was recognized as a national invention patent by the relevant national departments

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