The hottest Tianma uses Corning lotusnxt glass

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Tianma chooses Corning lotus NXT glass

Corning and Tianma microelectronics group recently announced that two new low temperature polysilicon (LTPs) display panel products of Tianma choose Corning lotusnxt glass. Tianma successfully applied lotusnxt glass to its 5.46 inch and 4.97 inch Full HD products. Tianma produces LTPS panels for high-resolution smart and tablet computers, with a resolution of 500ppi

lotusnxt glass has an industry-leading TPV. This enables panel manufacturers to adopt stricter design rules to help them improve the yield and produce products with higher resolution and lower energy consumption. It is reported that the survival of each enterprise of g5.5lt that Tianma has mass produced is to ensure a certain profit margin. The PS production line is located in Xiamen, China, with a monthly production capacity of 30000 TFT display panels and 30000 color filters. The two g6ltps production lines under construction are located in Wuhan and Xiamen, China, respectively. At the same time, it also stipulates that the monthly production capacity is 30000 TFT display panels and 30000 color filters. Tianma plans to launch the latest panel equipped with lotusnxt glass at the end of the third quarter of 2015

global glass (at the same time, pay attention to the connecting wire of the controller on the electronic universal experimental machine)

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