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Fulette's capacity expansion

may lead to the transition to market consumption. On February 16, it was learned from fulette group that two new photovoltaic kilns in fulette's Anhui and Vietnam bases were successfully ignited simultaneously. The new year's production capacity upgrading of the logo fulette has made a good start. The two kilns ignited this time are the first daily melting furnace of Anhui fulette phase II. This idea was agreed by designers and engineers at an industry conference held this month. The 1200 ton photovoltaic furnace and the second 1000 ton daily melting photovoltaic furnace in fulette, Vietnam

in recent years, with the rapid development of photovoltaic new energy, Follett has actively deployed global production capacity to meet the growing market demand. With the new production capacity put into use, the daily melting volume of fulette photovoltaic glass increased to 8600 tons, providing a strong production capacity guarantee for the large-scale photovoltaic module and the market growth trend

it is worth mentioning that in addition to the expansion of production capacity, due to the metal material of the component, fulette also signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Longji on February 8, adding 27.86 million square meters on the basis of the original sales scale scale should be clear and uniform sales contract, and agreed that from 2022 to 2023, Longji would purchase 46gw photovoltaic glass for photovoltaic modules from fulette, with an estimated total of about 11.7 billion yuan, It accounted for about 124.57% of the total audited assets of 9.392 billion yuan in 2019

photovoltaic glass has become a hot pastry since the second half of 2020. Rising prices and a difficult situation have brought considerable profits to photovoltaic glass enterprises. According to fulette's performance forecast for the whole year of 2020, its expected net profit 600million yuan, up 109.20%-131.52% year-on-year

however, with the liberalization of photovoltaic glass production capacity, the supply of photovoltaic glass will increase in the future, and the shortage of photovoltaic glass will be gradually alleviated; In 2021, photovoltaic glass may experience the stage of shortage and then fully meet the demand. Finally, the price of photovoltaic glass will gradually return rationally

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