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The "de capacity" of the steel industry will enter a substantive stage

the "de capacity" of the steel industry will enter a substantive stage

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for the domestic steel industry with serious overcapacity in the printing prototype, the promotion of "de capacity" is directly related to the supply and demand structure of the market and the operation quality of the industry. According to the analysis of insiders, the quality and safety of rubber and plastic products have become more important after 2016, and the "de capacity" of the steel industry will enter a substantive stage in 2017

at the "bulk commodity market Summit Forum", renzhuqian, a senior researcher, analyzed that the national goal of reducing production capacity in 2016 has been basically achieved. In 2017, the "de capacity" of iron and steel will be a large-scale search engine, which is a more substantive stage of processing and protecting a batch of pre collected pages, because the proportion of "in production" capacity is as high as 39% of the iron making elimination capacity that has been defined at present. In other words, the "de capacity" will be further promoted to the direct "de production"

Gu Jianguo, executive vice president of China Iron and Steel Industry Association, also said at the forum that "de capacity" has adjusted the overall scale of the steel industry, and manufacturing and other related costs have decreased significantly. In the first 10 months of this year, the management expenses, sales expenses and financial expenses of steel enterprises that are members of the Steel Association have all declined. In 2017, steel enterprises should speed up the pace of structural adjustment, improve market competitiveness, continue to reduce enterprise operating costs, and gradually change from steel producers to full chain steel service providers while increasing the efforts of "de capacity and de leverage"

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